1st Bosnia and Herzegovina Seminar

Three professors of Bosnia and Herzegovina are invited to CRICED. We held a seminar on 14 and a meeting on 15 July 2005 in order to understand each other on education. We discussed on the direction of our project and decided the activities we will conduct in this year. We have reached at the conclusion as a form of agreement for the further cooperation between us.

See also the pictures.


Date: 14th July 2005
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
Place: Advanced Research Building A107 - University of Tsukuba
  1. Opening
  2. Mathematics and Informatics Education of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Prof. Marinko PEJIC (Padagogical Academy, Sarajevo)
    • Prof. Djuradj PUHELIC (Ministry of Education, Republic Srpska)
    • Prof. Niko SUSAC (Padagogical Institute, Mostar)
  3. Contents Development for e-Learning
    • Ljubomir PETKOVIC (Machine High School, Prijedor)
    • Valentina Mindoljevic (Gimnazija, Mostar)
    • Karmelita PJANIC (Pedagogical Academy, Sarajevo)
  4. Contents Development in CRICED
    • Takeshi MIYAKAWA (CRICED)
    • Kazuhiro AOYAMA (CRICED)
    • Masami ISODA (CRICED)
  5. Closing