2nd Bosnia and Herzegovina Workshop in

Mathematics & Informatics Education

Three professors of Bosnia and Herzegovina are invited to CRICED. We held a workshop on 26 July 2006 in order to report after the training. We discussed on the direction of our project and decided the activities we will conduct in this year. We have reached at the conclusion as a form of agreement for the further cooperation among us.

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Date: 26nd July 2006
Time: 10:00 - 17:30
Place: Human Science Building B532 - University of Tsukuba
  1. Opening
  2. Mathematics and Informatics Education of B&H
    • Prof. Petar MARIC (Vice-rector for International Cooperation, University of Banja Luka)
    • Prof. Ivan PAVLOVIC (Dean of the Faculty of Economics, University of Mostar)
    • Prof. Amer KRIVOSIJA (Druga Gimnazija, Sarajevo)
  3. Developed Contents for e-Learning
    • Ms. Olivera BANJAC (JICA trainee, Electrotechnical school of Prijedor)
    • Mr. Anton VRDOLJAK (JICA trainee, University of Mostar)
    • Ms. Nadia BOUZ-ASAL (JICA trainee, University of Sarajevo)
  4. Research by CRICED Staff
    • Mr. Takeshi MIYAKAWA (CRICED)
    • Mr. Kimiho CHINO (CRICED)
    • Mr. Hiroki YAHARA (CRICED)
    • Mr. Kazuhiro AOYAMA (CRICED)
    • Prof. Masami ISODA (CRICED)
  5. Closing


  • ppt of Prof. Petar MARIC (PDF 242 KB)
  • ppt of Prof. Amer KRIVOSIJA (PDF 29 KB)
  • ppt of Ms. Olivera BANJAC (PDF 98 KB)
  • ppt of Mr. Anton VRDOLJAK (PDF 120 KB)
  • ppt of Ms. Nadia BOUZ-ASAL (PDF 67 KB)
  • ppt of Mr. Takeshi MIYAKAWA (PDF 73 KB)