Seminars and Teaching Experiments in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Two staff of our project visited Bosnia and Herzegovina. They organized seminars and teaching experiments. The theme of the seminar is 'Mathematics and Informatics Education Supported by ICT'. We had experimental lessons of physics with GRAPES and mathematics with the developed contents as well as observation lessons in secondary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The experiment with GRAPES is our second experiment. This tentative are realised in collaboration with Bosnian and Herzegovinian staff to share the information and ideas with professors of universities and teachers of schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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  • Observation lessons on 10th October 2006
    Lessons in mathematics class by Mr. Amer Krivosija and a lesson in informatics class by Mr. Salaka Adnan at Druga gimnazija in Sarajevo.
    Photos on 10th October 2006

  • Observation a lesson on 17th October 2006
    A lesson in mathematics class by Mr. Radivoje Petkovic at Electorotechnical School in Prijedor.
    Photos on 17th October 2006