3rd Bosnia and Herzegovina Workshop in

Mathematics & Informatics Education

Three extrainees of Bosnia and Herzegovina are invited to CRICED. We held a workshop on 22 and a meeting on 23 March 2007 in order to report after the training. We discussed on the direction of our project and decided the activities we will conduct in this year. We have reached at the conclusion as a form of agreement for the further cooperation among us.

See also the pictures.


Date: 23rd March 2007
Time: 9:00 - 12:30
Place: Laboratory of Advanced Research A205 - University of Tsukuba
  1. Opening
  2. Mathematics and Informatics Education of B&H
    • Ms. Olivera BANJAC (Electrotechnical school Prijedor)
    • Mr.Anton VRDOLJAK (University of Mostar)
    • Ms. Nadia BOUZ-ASAL (KSC Sveti Pavao "Catholic Gymnasium", Zenica)
  3. Developed Contents for e-Learning
    • Ms. Jelena BRKIC (JICA trainee, University of Mostar)
    • Ms. Jovana STOJCIC (JICA trainee, Gradiska Gimnazija)
    • Ms. Mirjana MILIJEVIC (JICA trainee, Electrotechnics School, Prijedor)
  4. Closing