Bosnia and Herzegovina Seminar in Informatics Curriculum

Six trainees of Bosnia and Herzegovina are invited to CRICED. We held a seminar on 20 June 2007 in order to reflect improvement of the Informatics curriculum in Moster based on organizing its tasks, to propose a plan of training of (in-service) informatics teachers in B&H except as teachers in “Gimnazija Mostar”, and to forge a framework of cooperation in B&H regarding Informatics curriculum.

See also the pictures.


Date: 20th June 2007
Time: 9:20 - 16:40
Place: Laboratory of Advanced Research A107
  1. Opening
  2. Question & Discussion the status of Informatics Education in B&H
  3. Workshop on Learning Management System “Moodle”
    • Lecturer : Hirok YAHARA
  4. The e-learning Contents with ICT in Informatics
    • Presenter : Ms. Jelena BRKIC
  5. Lecture & Discussion on training of (in-service) teachers in Japan
    • Lecture : Kyoko KAKIHANA
  6. Discussion on mutual assistance and cooperation
  7. Closing