Teaching Experiments with GRAPES in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Two staff of our project visited Bosnia and Herzegovina and organized a teaching experiment of mathematics with GRAPES. This is our first experiment that we have planned at the moment of the first seminar held in July. This tentative is realised in collaboration with Bosnian and Herzegovinian staff. staff


  • Experiment in Mostar on 30th November 2005
    The experiment is organised in the physics class at Gimnazija Mostar by Ms. Valentina Mindoljevic. The software GRAPES is experimented so as to see its usefulness at the frontier between mathematics and physics.

  • Experiment in Prijedor on 2nd December 2005
    The experiment is organised in the mathematics class at Gimnazija 'Sveti Sava' in Prijedor by Ms. Dragana Jejetovic and Mr. Ljubomir Petkovic. The sofware GRAPES is experimented to see the adaptation in Bosnian and Herzegovinian ordinally mathematics classroom.
    Worksheet (PDF 516 KB) Report (PDF 96 KB)

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