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Developing eTextbook from Your Textbooks and Degital Contents
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Masami Isoda

Challenges of Lesson Study in UFRJ
Descartes’ Dream with van Schooten
Using Historical Sources on e-textbook/d-book

Masami Isoda and Yuriko Yamamoto Baldin

The 'dbook' Freeware for Developing Interactive e-Textbooks from Your Printed Texts:
The Case of the Historical Textbook by Schooten (1646)

Workshop on Third International Conference on Science and Mathematics Education (CoSMEd) 2009 Penang, Malaysia
Masami Isoda and Hiroki Yahara

Emergence of Digital Textbook: Why We Need It?
Masami Isoda

Manual and Download: Freeware dbook

Sample videos: How to use dbook in classroom for PC, iPad & Android (CRME, KKU, Thailand site)

Sample Practice of Schooten by Isoda, M. from LIMAS 29 (written in Indonesian by Fadjar Shadiq, PPPTK MATHEMATIKA)
Lesson Study at APEC-Tsukuba Conference V by Isoda, M.

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----------------------------------------e-Textbooks for Linkages and Curves by dbook----------------------------------------
Van Schooten (1646)
Japanes Textbook (1943)
Van Schooten (1646) with GCL
Van Schooten and Japanese Textbook with movie (flv)

GCL Collection: Van Schooten (1646) with GCL
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----------------------------------------e-Textbooks for School by dbook----------------------------------------

Isoda, M.&Murata, A. et al (2011). Study with Your Friends: Mathematics for Elementary School. Tokyo: Gakkotosho
G1, G2,& G3 Several Parts for the Learning How to Learn

Japanes Textbook in English
G2 (Multiplication)

Japanes Textbook in Spanish
G4-1 (Angle)
G4-2 (Fraction)
G5-1 (Decimal)

Japanes Junior Secondary School Textbook in English
G2-C4 (Investigation)
G2-C5 (Congruency)
G3-C5 (Similarity)

Japanese Textbook in Thai: Collaborative Study with CRME, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
Grade 4 Vol.2 Area for PC
Grade 4 Vol.2 Area for Tablet/Smart Phone
G4: The sample for dbookPro
G5-C2 (Decimal Number)
G5-C5 (Tessellation)
G6-C2 (Fraction)

---------------------------Mathematics Education Textbooks by dbookPRO---------------------------

Pictorial Record: Wisdom of Mathematics
the Central Library of University of Tsukuba

Fraction for Teachers:�@Knowing what before how to teach
Isoda, M(2013). Fraction for Teachers
CRICED, Universidad de Tsukuba

DbookPro Spanish Beta Edition Sample:
Hosomizu, Y. y Isoda, M. (2009). Entrenando Elpesamiento Mathematico: Roja
CRICED, Universidad de Tsukuba

DbookPro Spanish Beta Edition Sample:

Masami Isoda, Tenoch Cedillo, ... [et al.] (2012).
Tomo III Vol. 1 Adicion y Sustraccion
Estado de Mexico : Pearson Educacion de Mexico

DbookPro Spanish Beta Edition Sample:

Masami Isoda, Tenoch Cedillo, ... [et al.] (2012).
Tomo VI Vol. 2
Estado de Mexico : Pearson Educacion de Mexico

Tenoch Cedillo, Masami Isoda ... [et al.] (2013).
Matematicas para la educacion normal: guia para el aprendizaje y ensenanza de la aritmetica
Estado de Mexico : Pearson Educacion de Mexico

Masami Isoda (2012).
Introductory Chapter: Problem Solving Approach to Develop Mathematical Thinking.
In Masami Isoda, Shigeo Katagiri. Mathematical Thinking: How to develop it in the classroom. Singapore : World Scientific. pp.1-28

Masami Isoda (2012).
Capítulo Introductorio: Enfoque de Resolución de Problemas para Desarrollar el Pensamiento Matemático .
In Masami Isoda, Shigeo Katagiri. PENSAMIENTO MATEMÁTICO: Cómo Desarrollarlo en el Salón de Clase

Masami Isoda, Raimundo Olfos (2011).
Enseñanza de la multiplicación : desde el estudio de clases japonés a las propuestas iberoamericanas
Valparaíso : Ediciones Universitarias de Valparaísoo

Masami Isoda, Raimundo Olfos (2009).
El enfoque de resolución de problemas : en la enseñanza de la matemática : a partir del estudio de clases
Valparaíso : Ediciones Universitarias de Valparaísoo (download the light pdf-file)

G4: Thai Edition of Gakko Tosho by dbookPRO

Thai Edition of Gakko Tosho for Fraction by dbookPRO

----------------------------------------e-textbooks for APEC Emargency Evacuation: Tsunami and Earthquake / Typhoon and FloodTentative Products ----------------------------------------

APEC Lesson Study Project Website

APEC Lesson Study Project Summary by Maitree Inprasitha and Masami Isoda

APEC Lesson Study Project / Achievment of Japan side in 2006-2013 by Masami Isoda


The Role of Education for Natural Disasters

Readings for Evacuation in Education

Tsunami: APEC-2012 Sample Readings from Newspaper

Tsunami:Mathematical Modeling and Problem Solving on Earthquake and Tsunami---Scientific Researches for Disaster

Typhoon: Expectation of Some Natural Laws by Using Mathematics----Analysis of typhoon's data

Expectation of Some Natural Laws by Using Mathematics(by Nobuaki Kawasaki & Masami Isoda)

Relation between Amount of Fallen Ash and Height of Vocanic Smoke-How to Relate Height of Volcanic Smoke to observed Fallen Ash by Nobuaki Kawasaki & Masami Isoda


Thai Translation of Newspaper: Tsunami March 11th, 2011

Tsunami (by Auijit Pattanajak, Maitree Inprasitha, Narumol Inprasitha)

Fire and Volcanic Eruption by Maitree Inprasitha, Auijit Pattanajak, Narumol Inprasitha


Integrating Education for Disaster Risk Reduction into Mathematics Lesson: Indonesian Case (by Wahyudi, Subanar, Fadjar Shadiq)

How to Enhance the Competence in Mathematical Modelling by Implementing Lesson Study in The Case of Volcanic Eruptions? by Pramita Setiyo Rahayu, Vikrama Anindito, Darto, Fadjar Shadig, Pujiati, Sahid, Kirbani, Sunanar


Refuges Safe? (by Kwangho Lee)

Forest Fire in High School Mathematics by Hee-chan Lew & Nam Gu Hur


Earthquakes and Tsunamis Prepardness: Go to High Ground or Inland (by Tran Vui)

TPD Through Lesson Study in Vietnam by Nguyen Chi Thanh


Understanding Earthquakes (Guillermo P. Bautista Jr., Eligio C. Obille Jr., Soledad A. Ulep)


Emargency Evacuation: School Safety Zone (by Raimundo Olfos, Arturo Mena, Soledad Estrella y Sergio Morales)

Lesson Plan on Modeling Propagation Phenomena(by Roberto Araya)

Preparing for the future with Intergrated STEM: Opportunities in Emergency Preparedness (by Roberto Araya)

Proportional and not proportional relationship in the spread of fire in Valparaiso by Raimundo Olfos and Arturo Mena


Spanish Translation of News Paper: Tsunami March 11th, 2011(by Monica Miyagui)

Emergency Preparedness for Natural Disasters in Developing Geometry Skills (by Monica Miyagui)

The Ongoing of the Risk Prevention Policies from Education in Peru (by Olinda Moloche & Monica Miyagui)

Prepardness for Tsunami and Natural Disaster through Education (by Monica Miyagui)


Readings for Natural Disasters through the Development of Statistic Skills: Slide (by Martha Villavicencio)


Statistic Lesson Integrating Tsunami and Earthquake (by Phei-Ling Tan, Chap-Sam Lim)

Setting-up an Evacuation Center after the Tsunami (by Ui-Hock Cheah)

Natural Disaster Preparedness : Floods and Typhoons(by Ui Hock Cheah)

Real Life Context-Based Learning by Suhaidah binti Tahair


Saving Life from Tsunami (by Madihah Khalid, Nor Azura Haji Abdullah)


City Geometry and Evacuation Capability: For 6-8 Grades (by Ivan Vysotskiy)

Statistics and Probability Theory : a Mathematical Approach to Natural Fenomena(by Ivan Vysotskiy)

Russian Edition

Hong Kong:

cMathematical Problem Solving and Mathematical Modeling - Typhoon(by Cheng Chun Chor Litwin)

Mathematical PrMathematical Problem Solving and Mathematical Modeling - Typhoon(by Cheng Chun Chor Litwin)

Mathematics for the Future (by Cheng Chun Chor Litwin)



APEC-2012 Sample Grade5

APEC-2012 Sample Grade6

Newspaper: University of Tsukuba, No.306 and No.287 (Link to Others)

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